As I was studying this morning, I saw an aspect of the term “stand fast” that I had not seen before.  As you may know, Paul told us numerous times to stand fast in the faith (I Cor 16:13), stand fast in one spirit (Phil 1:27), stand fast in the Lord (I Thes 3:8, Phil 4:1) and to stand fast in the gospel (II Thes 2:15).

Normally as I read these scriptures, in my mind I think to be stalwart and unmoveable as in a pillar or a lighthouse.  This is not an incorrect image or concept as it is consistent with the Word in I Cor 15:58 moving on into 16:13 where you see phrases such as unmoveable, steadfast, always abounding, act like a man and be strong.

As I was studying this morning however, I noticed in the center reference of my Bible all the places in which Paul told us to “stand fast” and I was prompted to look at them and delve a little deeper into those words.

The word translated “stand fast” in the KJV of the New Testament is the Greek word “steko” which simply means to be stationary.  This lends itself to the stalwart concept I had and so that concept is completely valid however what I discovered this morning was that this concept is somewhat incomplete.

This word “steko” comes from the root word “histemi”, which always denotes an upright and active position by the way, and it does indeed include descriptions such as “staunch, hold up, establish, covenant” which denote the strength and stalwartness of the term but it also means “to abide, to appoint and to continue!”

The key to standing fast lies in this definition!  It goes back to TOTAL IMMERSION!  Totally immersed in Jesus!  Totally immersed in the Word!  Totally immersed in Love!

As Jesus said in John 15, abide in me and I in you, I am the vine and you are the branches!  Paul reiterates that in Acts 17:28, for in Him we live and move and have our being!

It is when you are totally saturated with and in the Word, living and abiding and having your very existence in Him, in the Word, in Love that you are able to stand fast, stand stalwart, be unmoveable, be strong and absolutely overcome and dominate everything that satan could every bring your way!