Today we are spotlighting a young guest minister!  Ryan Weeter is a second year ministry student at Charis Bible College in Woodland Park, Colorado.

Ryan will begin being a relatively regular contributor  for David Weeter Ministries social media platforms.  Ryan is already establishing a reputation for his ministry being simple, straightforward and easy to understand and for his sincerity and humor!

In today’s short message, Ryan teaches the scriptural foundation on receiving freedom from fear in any area of life.  Ryan includes his own personal testimony of deliverance from fear and the scriptures he used to do so!

Hello, my name is Ryan Weeter. Today I’m going to be teaching just a little bit about freedom from fear. This is a very important subject to grab ahold of because fear is one of the primary weapons that the devil uses against us as believers. He will draw a circle around you and say, don’t cross the circle or something bad will happen to you. And so many believers, they buy into it. They don’t jump out of that circle because they’re scared. It’s not a good way to live. You can’t live your life afraid and when you get a hold of this freedom from fear, the chains are broken off of you. You’re set free. You can live your free life. There are no limits! You know, when I was little, maybe four or five, I was scared of the dark and I am sure that many, many people, just like me, when they were little were scared of the dark and I told my parents, I said, “Mom, Dad, I’m scared of the dark.
And they told me, well, you know what to do, pray, read the Bible, stand on a scripture. And I was like, all right, so I found 2 Timothy 1:7. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” And I found that scripture and I read it and I remember I had this little night light in my room. I would leave that on while I was getting ready and I would read the scripture and I would read. I would read that and think about it. Then, take a stand on it and I would turn that night light off in faith. And after about a year of that every night standing on that scripture, reading the scripture, I just wasn’t scared of the dark anymore. I was set free and it’s such a simple and effective example of what to do when you’re scared, when you’re fearful of something. It is such a great example and I’ll get a little in depth as to why that worked and why.
In First John 4, starting in verse 18, it says, “there is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear because fear has torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love’ and that pretty much sums it up real quick. In one verse, we see perfect love casts out all fear. Simple, straightforward, to the point. I mean it’s very hard to misunderstand. That really is. And so the one little issue in this versus is “what is perfect love?” Well, it just so happens earlier in that chapter in verse eight, “this is he that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love.” That’s perfect love… God. God is love. You put those two together, you know God is love, perfect love casts out all fear. You put it together, God casts out all fear. And that’s why my story about when I was scared of the dark is such a good example, because that’s what I did.
I focused on God. What you see, what you hear, what you say, oh, that gets down deep inside of you and then it comes out and it consumes you. When you get focused on God, when you get focused on love, perfect love casts out all fear. Fear just runs away. It can’t stand. It can’t stand in the midst of it. Fear can’t stand before it. And that’s what you’re going to do. When you start getting fearful, you get in the word, you start focusing on God. You start worshiping him. That’s all you gotta do. And it’s so simple, but so many Christians live their life in fear. And in just three verses, you can see so simply how, how easy and how important it is
to just break free from fear. Fear isn’t from God. God is the exact opposite of fear. God is love! Perfect love casts out all fear. I don’t know how opposite you can get! It is so important! When we allow fear into our lives, we’re allowing something straight from the devil into our lives and it corrupts our lives and it damages our lives and we can’t just can’t do that, and so I want to leave you today with just one very, very simple thing. Second Timothy 1:7, “for God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.’ If you’re ever scared of something and you just don’t know what to do, what scripture to stand on, where to go, that’s a good place to start. There are tons and tons of verses throughout the Bible that talk about why we have no reason to fear and how great God is and how

weak, fear is compared to them. That’s just something I want to leave you with. Is just if you’re scared of something, stay on a scripture, focus on God, get into it, get that inside of you, and you will be set free from fear.”